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Online EMDR Intensives for Adult Children of Alcoholics in Virginia and Massachusetts

You work hard to be


shouldn't your therapy be too?

You’ve been…

thinking about going to therapy for a while now, but the idea of having to take up time every week for who knows how long feels like a chore that you just don’t have the time and energy for right now. I get it - you’re busy! I mean, you’re holding it together, but that’s just it.

You’re tired of working so hard to “cope.”

You’ve already tried talk therapy. It was helpful, but it feels like you didn’t really get to the root of the problem. You don’t want to wait to feel better. You’re ready to deal with “it” – whatever “it” is – and you don’t want to spend months in the traditional weekly model before you can move on.

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to not have old emotional baggage getting in between you and success in your work?

What does it mean to heal from the inside out?

We are born with a need for connection, love and belonging.

Our earliest experiences in life teach us what to believe about ourselves and others.


When we have painful early experiences that are overwhelming to us, we begin to experience disconnection and can start to get emotionally stuck. Our young brains are not equipped to process these experiences, so they are not integrated properly.


These experiences become frozen in a bundle of feelings, images, thoughts, physical sensations and beliefs. We can start to feel unloved - and therefore begin to believe we are unlovable. We can feel unworthy or like we don’t deserve good things.


When this disconnection is left unresolved, it becomes the narrative about ourselves and will manifest itself in relationships that follow, continuing into adulthood.


This “not good enough” narrative shows up in our personal lives - but it also shows up in our careers.


EMDR Intensives, as part of a comprehensive approach to therapy, help us resolve those old, distorted narratives that do not serve you in your life today.

As the saying goes, we repeat what we don’t repair.
Aren’t you tired of seeing the same old patterns repeat themselves? Aren’t you tired of believing you can’t get what you want?

You can change the narrative.

Sometimes the traditional model of weekly therapy sessions is unnecessarily limiting.

Fortunately, EMDR therapy is not limited to the traditional format. 

Are you ready to:

Feel like something is actually changing as a result of therapy

See change happen in days or weeks, instead of months

Resolve problems from the root instead of working harder to cope with the problem

Together we will:

Identify the thoughts, beliefs, emotions and physical sensations you are wanting to resolve

Create a customized treatment program with specific, targeted treatment goals - all on your preferred timeline

Assess the positive changes you experience from your EMDR Intensive and support your ongoing growth with personalized resources

EMDR details

Welcome to your EMDR Intensive

We will meet for a 90-minute pre-intensive assessment session to identify the issues you are looking to address, set goals, discuss any barriers and assess whether or not an EMDR Intensive is right for you at this time.


Following your assessment session, I will send you a personalized treatment workbook, which allows you to work on your treatment goals before, during, and after our EMDR Intensive sessions. You will complete this workbook and return it to me prior to your intensive week (this usually takes about 2-3 weeks).


Once I receive your completed workbook, I customize your intensive program with targeted treatment goals.


We will meet for 3 intensive sessions, ideally during the same week, or spread out over a couple of weeks if needed. Sessions are done virtually, typically for 2 to 3 hours each appointment.


After your 3 EMDR Intensive sessions, we will meet for a 90-minute follow-up session to reflect on what feels better, what changed, and what still needs attention. I will provide you with resources for ongoing learning and self-development. Some clients return to their primary therapist to continue their work, and others do not require ongoing therapy.

EMDR Intensives can help you:


  • Feel more grounded and present - like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders

  • Strengthen your confidence, self-compassion and self-acceptance

  • Experience less rumination, preoccupation with others and guilt

  • Reduce the need to “cope” with symptoms because the underlying issues have been resolved

  • Reach your goals in significantly less time than traditional therapy

EMDR Intensives give you a path to emotional freedom on your terms.

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