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EMDR Consultation & Private Practice Coaching
For entrepreneurial therapists in private practice

Dear fellow therapists –


it is time for spaciousness and

You aren’t afraid of doing hard things. Because you handle the hard stuff every day.
But what if it doesn’t have to feel hard?

in our work

Are you…

tired of the daily grind of back-to-back hour-long sessions, counting the number of clients you see? How many times have you said to yourself, “Only 3 more today….”

struggling to fit your life into your practice, instead of your practice fitting into your life? Wasn’t that why you went into private practice in the first place? It was supposed to give you more freedom and flexibility!

feeling burned out by working with the same clients for long periods of time, or frustrated by the slow pace of weekly therapy?

Or maybe you’re…

Craving more variety, creativity and engagement in your practice – after all, the same old thing can get boring to you and your clients!

Curious about intensive therapy models, but aren’t sure how you would intentionally market yourself as an expert or feel doubtful that clients will want this service. Maybe you’ve heard colleagues say “people can’t afford it” or “it’s not fair to charge that much”.

Ready to tap into your inner disruptivator, challenge convention and stop doing things the same way just because that’s how we’ve always done them.

I believe we can pursue excellence and meaning in our work without sacrificing our own wellbeing. Continuing in the weekly model of therapy is costing you – and your clients – time, money and energy that neither of you can get back.
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Are you ready to do something new?

Your practice can work for you just as much as you work for it.


I know what it’s like to feel burned out and trapped in the daily grind of weekly therapy, wishing you could have more flexibility in your time, wanting more financial freedom but knowing there is a limit to how much you can work.


So I invested in business coaching, private practice trainings, advanced training in EMDR Intensives, sought out consultation from experts in this area, and have now conducted over 100 EMDR Intensive sessions over the past 2 years.


EMDR Intensives is now my primary practice model, which gives me the flexibility and freedom I was looking for. And gives clients a CHOICE about when they want to feel better – sooner rather than later.


It’s a win-win.


I want that for you and your clients too.

Nothing is off limits to discuss!

You are both a clinician and a business owner, so you will get both clinical and practice design support.

And with me, you come first.

Together we will:

Assess your readiness for incorporating EMDR Intensives into your practice and determine next steps for implementation

Learn ways to incorporate EMDR Intensives into your overall practice design and business model

Support your decision-making, so that you can feel confident with designing, pricing and marketing your EMDR Intensives

Address mindset issues and limiting beliefs that interfere with your progress, such as feeling guilty charging higher fees for higher value services, or imposter syndrome (“not experienced enough” or “not expert enough” to do intensives)

Get comfortable taking imperfect action so that you can start shifting out of being “full” and into more spaciousness and ease

Deepen your understanding of EMDR as a therapeutic approach, as opposed to a technique

Learn how to assess client readiness for an EMDR Intensive

Understand case conceptualization and treatment planning for EMDR Intensives using a trauma-informed and Adaptive Information Processing lens

Learn how to conduct EMDR Intensives from an attachment-based perspective

EMDR Intensive-Focused Consultation offers you the ability to:

Prevent burnout and work smarter not harder, by providing higher value services

Reduce overall number of work hours, while maintaining or increasing income

Increase work satisfaction with faster progression of therapy and client success

Develop your professional identity and expertise

Offer clients the option of more flexibility and freedom in their healing journey

Satisfy your desire for innovation and creativity in your work

We are moving therapy forward.

It’s time to be free instead of “full”.

The burned out, underpaid, resentful and exhausted therapist stereotype is over. It’s time for a new paradigm. It’s time to reimagine how we function in our role as therapists, allowing ourselves to show up as our whole selves. I believe therapists are being called to embody health and wholeness in ways we have never experienced before. We – and our clients – deserve it.

My Areas of Expertise for Consultation and Coaching Include:

  • EMDR Intensives

  • ACOAs (including therapists who identify as ACOA)

  • Complex trauma/attachment trauma

  • Performance anxiety

  • Confidence-building and resourcing for both clinician and client

  • Practice design and marketing

  • Cultivating success mindset and habits

  • Money mindset

Who's with me?
Consultation Options

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Christie’s aptitude for EMDR is indisputable. Her honesty and courage to challenge herself and others is what makes her services invaluable. With her deep understanding of issues that Adult Children of Alcoholics/Dysfunctional Families face, she is able to bring compassion, rapport, and hope to the people that she supports. Above all else, Christie’s warmth and use of humor offers something to her clients (and consultees) that fosters a space of security and serenity. I highly recommend her as a clinician, teacher, and guide!

– Kambria Evans, MEd, MA, LMFT


Receiving consultation with Christie is both refreshing and a darn wake up call. She has a warm and inviting disposition that is welcoming, but she doesn’t let you sneak away from the hard stuff. She can solve problems, shift perspective, but what I benefitted from the most was the way she checked on how I was feeling about the issues I needed help with. Before I asked for Christie’s help, I was so stuck and annoyed with myself. But implementing the plan we came up with together made me feel SO MUCH BETTER. I’m sliding into the weekend now with a huge weight off my shoulders. And it feels so nice to have someone so wise and kind that I can call on again if needed.

– Andreana Mabry, M.S., LMFT


What most definitely stuck with me the most after EMDR Intensive Consultation with Christie was feeling much more permission to do things my way. I am allowing myself to use the EMDR protocol as a home base from which to get creative and meet the client where THEY are, always. Thank you for reminding me about the importance of trusting my own expertise and intuition as a therapist!

– Susannah Horwitz, LPC, LMHC,

Nature-Based Expressive Arts Therapist

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